6 Gadgets You'll Want for a Great Beach Trip

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If you’re lounging at the beach this summer, you’ll want to capture memories and have fun without ruining a device with sand, sun or water. These gadgets let you do just that, from blasting music to making record dive times to reading an e-book with your toes in the water.

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight ($139)

The latest Nook will let you tear through the “Fifty Shades” trilogy in the bright sun, thanks to its built-in, anti-glare screen protector. And when you head back to your hotel or beach house, the integrated GlowLight will let you read in the dark without disturbing others around you. At less than seven ounces, the new Simple Touch really is perfect for beach reading.

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Grace Digital Audio Eco Terra ($149)

Sunscreen? Check. Beach chair? Check. Waterproof, floatable boom box? Check. Now that’s a possibility with Grace Digital Audio’s Eco Terra, a 100 percent waterproof boombox for iPhone, BlackBerry and MP3 players (or any phone with a 3.5mm audio jack). The orange IPX7-approved audio blaster is fully submersible and floats, so you can even take it out in the water.

Pyle Snorkeling Master Watch ($99.99)

Many snorkel on vacation just for fun, but others want to take their underwater experience to the next level. In addition to telling time, the Pyle Snorkeling Master Watch records dive duration, depth and water temperature. Its water-resistant design lets you dive up to 330 feet, and you can compare dive results later since the watch can store up to 100 records. Available in black, green, orange and red.

Swann Freestyle HD ($279)

Want to catch cool video in the water sans hands? The Swann Freestyle HD is a wearable 8-MP video camera with 1080-pixel recording at 30 fps and 3x digital zoom. Since the case is waterproof up to 65 feet and has up to 2.5 hours of battery life plus a mount and remote control, you can take it out on a scuba expedition or on a fishing trip where you need both hands for catching the night’s dinner.

TAT7 ($90)

Summer vacations are always more fun with underwater cameras, which let you take shots of friends and family doing handstands under the deep blue sea. The TAT7 lets you use your iPhone 4 or 4S instead with a waterproof case that can be submerged up to 100 feet. When you’re done snapping those shots or recording that hilarious footage, share it instantly when you get back to your towel.

Timbuk2 Element Sleeve ($39)

The SuperTooth HD hands-free solution allows drivers to answer their phone, call predialed numbers, check voicemail and send text messages in the car just by speaking. This clever device will even let you send Facebook and Twitter updates using your voice. Just tell SuperTooth HD what to say and it’ll get the word out.

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