6 Awesome iPhone 6 Concepts

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Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 6 has already generated more speculation than the next "Star Wars" movie, the World Cup and the new season of "Game of Thrones" combined. The handset's rumored feature set includes a bigger display, a robust fitness app and a faster A8 processor, but what will it look like. A few artists and designers have mocked up their own version of Apple's sequel.

Some of these concepts are sleek and subtle reinventions of the iPhone that fans know and love, while others look like they were ripped right out of science fiction. Here are six of our favorites.

Transparent iPhone

For Csaba Nagy, the iPhone's new direction is crystal clear. Nagy's iPhone 6 concept video turns the iconic device into a thin, completely transparent piece of interactive glass. This concept has an LED home button that only lights up when you tap it, and can even project its screen holographically for a wider field of view. We may be getting a taste of transparency on the iPhone soon, but Nagy's idea looks like it's from a distant, more high-tech future. 

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Superslim iPhone Air

First, the MacBook; then, the iPad; and now, the iPhone. This skinny iPhone Air design from Simone Evangelista and Ran Avni seems like a no-brainer, given Apple's affinity for slim tech. Sporting a feathery 6.5 millimeter-thin build, this concept would give Apple addicts a choice between the iPhone Air Mini (3.5 inches), iPhone Air (4.7 inches) and a 5.5-inch iPhone Air Pro.

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Three-Sided Display

Voice and gesture commands are making phones increasingly touchless, but what about a buttonless device? That's the idea behind this sexy concept from Isklander Utebayev, who mocked up a bezel-free device with a wraparound screen that replaces the physical buttons on the sides with digital ones. Though not structurally realistic (the iPhone's antennas are on the sides), this design would allow you to fully customize your iPhone's edges with quick-access buttons for features like your camera, flashlight and calculator. 

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Giant iPad nano

Remember the iPod nano? It still exists, and it could inspire a future iPhone. A new concept from artist Martin Hajek turns the iPhone's signature curvy design into a rectangular one, which brings to mind Apple's aforementioned MP3 player as well as Sony's Xperia Z1. We like the increased slimness this concept would bring to the iPhone, though we think Apple loves curves a bit too much to make the switch. 

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Curved Concept

Arthur Reis' curved iPhone concept is one of the more subtle ones we've seen, but that doesn't make it any less sexy. This mock-up would make an elegant upward curve out of the iPhone's display, making it more comfortable to type on the device with one hand. Samsung's Galaxy Round and LG's G Flex already tout round displays, so this could be Apple's way of keeping up with — if not staying ahead of — the curve. 

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Holographic iPhone

"Help me, iPhone; you're my only hope." That was our first thought when we saw this wild holographic iPhone concept, which would augment your device's physical display with two holographic ones on either side. Created by Italian design group Set Solution, this conceptual device would turn the iPhone into the ultimate multitasking machine, as you can catch up on texts on your main screen while running YouTube and Facebook on the virtual ones. This dazzling mock-up also has tons of gaming potential, as the concept video showcases a user flicking a digital soccer ball off the screen and through a holographic goal post. 

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