10 Wackiest iPhone and iPad Accessories

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There are a ton of accessories on the market today for iOS devices, but while some of them facilitate efficiency or are plain fun, others are just weird. From a pepper spray iPhone case to a mind-controlled TV, check out our top 10 wackiest iGadgets.

Piexon SmartGuard
Piexon’s SmartGuard iPhone case (~$55) keeps you calm and collected in emergency situations. Its app uses GPS tracking to supply local emergency numbers and report your location to the police or family. It also provides checklists of what to do in emergency situations, a flashlight to guide your way and a pepper spray canister so you can defend yourself against an attacker.
Beam Toothbrush
Introducing the world’s first smart toothbrush, Beam’s toothbrush ($50) features a built-in accelerometer that connects to an app to help improve your oral hygiene. By tracking how long and often you brush your teeth, the app sets up personal goals and uses incentives to get you motivated.
Withings Smart Baby Scale
The winner of the 2012 CES Innovations Award is Withings’ Smart Baby Scale (available in Q2, price TBD), which connects to an app that tracks your baby’s weight. You can then share your child’s growth with doctors, family and friends, and the app can update automatically to Facebook, Twitter and email for the world to see.
ThinkGeek Grassy Lawn Charging Station
Need to charge a bunch of gadgets but hate seeing a tangle of cable cords? ThinkGeek’s Grassy Lawn Charging Station ($27.99) lets you hide the mess of cables in artificial grass. Just place your devices in the grass, plug your cable cords into the dock in the compartment underneath and let them charge in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Wrapsol Non-Slip Grip Pad
Want to watch a movie on your iPad without having to hold the tablet directly in front of you? Wrapsol’s non-slip grip pad ($29.95) lets you stick your tablet to any slanted surface and enjoy hands-free entertainment. Made with tactilla, the protective grip pad is one of the first to use the new technology, which also helps prevent against your device slipping and falling.
Haier BrainWave TV
Haier’s BrainWave TV makes the remote control seem obsolete with its mind-controlled technology. The headset attaches to your forehead and earlobe and transfers electrical signals into digital signals that recognize simple commands and help control gameplay. Haier says you need a relaxed mind to work the device, and although it’s $3,000 in China, there are no plans to bring it to the U.S.
LARK Silent Alarm Clock
If you’re sick of waking up to an annoying alarm or don’t want to wake your partner, the LARK Silent Alarm Clock ($99) wakes you with its vibrations. The wristband also tracks your sleep habits on your Apple device, noting the amount of time you slept, your sleep quality and how long it took you to fall asleep and wake up.
Candies Skate Deck iPhone Case
Candies’ Skate Deck iPhone Case ($45) turns your iPhone into a bright blue skateboard, adding a touch of whimsy to your device. The only drawback? The “wheels” on the case ruin the compact beauty of the iPhone, making it difficult to squeeze into a pocket or small purse.
iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer
Gaming gets more realistic with the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer ($49), where users peer into binoculars and play interactive games from free downloadable apps on their iPhone or iPod touch. The best part is that when the phone is moved, the environments on the screen become 3D.
Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
Koubachi’s Wi-Fi Plant Sensor (€121.60) makes having a green thumb a cinch with its sensor that goes in the pot with your plant to track water level, fertilizer, humidity, temperature, light levels and geographic location. All you have to do is input what kind of plant it is, then follow Koubachi’s care instructions, given via email/text notifications.

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  • Jim Says:

    I bought a scanner for my I Pad2 but can't seem to down load the software to use it with please help me by sending the software I need to activate it. Thanks

  • AquilaBlu Says:

    How can they possibly sell a baby scale with wireless connection? Now that international health agencies declared that cellphone, WiFi and home cordless electromagnetic waves can cause cancer, especially in babies, I hope that nobody ever buys a wireless baby scale!

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    I like the grass lawn charging station. I think that would look really cool. It's a very unique product too.

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