10 Must-Have Nook Color Accessories

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With the release of Nook Color Apps, Barnes and Noble's tablet/eReader is more appealing than ever. For just $249, you now have access to Angry Birds and other great apps, e-mail, as well as your private library. With all that money you save, compared to buying a full-fledged tablet, you can afford to spruce up your device a bit. So we've put together a few must-have items to pimp out your Nook Color.

Nook Signature Charm

"Live your story" are the words inscribed inside the decorative Signature Charms from Barnes and Noble. Meant to hang from your device's "nook," these 3-inch long, glazed leather strips add a touch of color to your reading. For $9.95 you can choose from Basil, Bright Pink, Glacier, Marine, and Noir.

Barnes and Noble Silicone Frame

You can protect your favorite new eReader/Tablet and add a touch of color all at the same time with a Silicone Frame skin. Choose from black, blue, or pink for $19.95 and you can wrap your device in waterproof and protective silicone.

Nook Color Anti-Glare Screen Film Kit

It may not have the E Ink screen that you find on the Kindle or Nook, but that doesn't mean you can't read in the sun. Slap on this matte finish film to reduce glare and fingerprints, as well as protect against scratches, dust, and dirt. For $16.95, it comes with two pieces of film and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Lilly Pulitzer Buena Vista Tote

Playful and functional, the Lilly Pulitzer Buena Vista Tote ($69.95) offers the striking style that its legendary designer is known for. The exterior is made from hardworking nylon and offers plenty of room for beach gear. The PVC lining and removable pouch also help keep your gear safe.

Barnes and Noble Car Charging Kit

Charge your Nook Color (or Nook) on the go with this Car Charging Kit ($24.95). The low-profile head sports an LED light so you know when it's working. It's compatible with every automotive make and model. A 5-foot-long cable for the Nook Color and one for the Nook are included. Both cables can also sync with your computer.

Oberon Design Cloud Dragon Nook Color Cover

Add some spice to your Nook Color with this decorative, book-style case available in black, red, or wine. The $72 drum-dyed leather exterior is richly embossed with a dragon motif that will clearly show off your personal sense of style. An elastic strap hooks closed to help keep your books to yourself.

SanDisk microSD HC Card

The Nook Color comes with 8GB of memory, but you'll definitely want more as you add apps to your eReader. A SanDisk microSD HC Card can give you the memory boost you need, in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities, with prices starting at $25.99.

Monster Miles Davis Trumpet Earbuds

Add some oomph to your tunes or audiobooks stored on your Nook by jacking in with these top-of-the-line $349 earbuds, which feature the world's smallest audio drivers. A jazz-friendly look follows throughout the design from the trumpet-shaped bud to the volume controls.

M-Edge Touring Sleeve

The blue exterior is made of easy-to-clean neoprene, while the padded interior of the M-Edge Touring Sleeve ($29.99) is lined with soft gray polar fleece. A hidden zipper handle makes it easy to carry, and the exterior pocket makes it simple to take your charger with you.

Barnes and Noble AUX Audio Cable

Make your Nook Color work even harder with the AUX Audio Cable. Hook one end of the 5-foot cable to your car or home stereo and the other end into the headphone jack on your eReader, and voila, audiobooks and music pumped through your speakers.

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  • Scott McAfee Says:

    Secret compartment on back bottom corner adjacent to the lanyard hole. Says "nook" on the compartment cover.

  • Donna Says:

    Could someone please explain to this Luddite how one goes about using a SanDisk microSD HC Card with a Nook Color? As far as I can tell, there isn't a slot for it...

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