10 Greatest Smartwatches in TV and Film

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Apple is rumored to be working on an iWatch with a curved glass design. Samsung has confirmed it's making a smart watch. And, there are already several smart watches on the market, from the Sony Smartwatch and the I'm Watch to the Pebble and Martian Watch. But how do they stack up against the top teched-out timepieces in TV and the movies?

James Bond

Bond's watches have changed over the years, incorporating everything from buzzsaws to grappling cables to telex machines to eletromagnets, but our favorite is the Omega Seamaster in "GoldenEye," which has a built-in laser and a remote detonator. Plus, it's a really nice timepiece.

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Dick Tracy

How could you not include the iconic detective? However, his watch was pretty much limited to receiving dispatches from the police station. It couldn't even fend off Madonna.

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Michael Knight (Knight Rider)

Let's face it: KITT really did all the heavy lifting here. Michael Knight's watch simply let him talk to his teched-out car. But his hair was awesome.

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Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Dr. Who)

Captain Jack's wrist strap, officially known as a vortex manipulator, let him zip back and forth through time, as well as teleport, although the latter function kept getting disabled. Even in the future, not everything works all the time.

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Leela (Futurama)

According to the Futurama wiki, Leela's wristband has at least seven functions: a communicator, reattach Fry's nose, Tetris, telling whether or not the Omicronian young are edible, a tracking device receiver, a tissue dispenser, a laser and, of course, Pong.

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Spy Kids

Invented by Danny Trejo's Machete--who would later invent new ways to hack people up into little pieces--the Spy Kids' watches feature cellphone, satellite, Internet access, and TV.

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Special Agent Oso

Special Agent Oso's Paw Pilot watch guides the plucky bear through the steps needed to accomplish his missions. No word if it was acquired by HP.

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Kirby Winter (The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything)

He may be better known for his role as Ted Striker, but in this made-for-TV movie, Robert Hays' character had a gold pocket watch that could stop time. Looks like he could pick any week he wanted to stop drinking.

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Penny (Inspector Gadget)

Her uncle may have had all the gadgets, but Penny had the smart watch that let her video chat with Brain and keep tabs on her hapless uncle.

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Agent K (Men In Black)

Tommy Lee Jones' Hamilton Ventura watch was not only stylish, but it could activate the neuralyzer in the top of the Statue of Liberty. At least, that's what we remember.

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    How about super-spy Derek Flint's wristwatch which while otherwise boring, started his heart by poking his wrist?

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    The smart watches used in James Bond movies, Spy Kids and Men In Black were the best ones. You have created a great list here and even gave me some idea of the movies that I should watch.

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