10 Facebook Games You Need to Play

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Chances are you’ve been sucked into “Farmville” on Facebook, played “Words with Friends” or crushed your enemies in “Mob Wars.” And why not? The social giant’s games are low cost (outside of minor membership fees and in-game purchases), and they instantly connect you with both friends and newcomers alike. But what if you’ve grown tired of the above titles?

You may not have survived the zombie apocalypse of “The Walking Dead” yet, or saved the day as The Hulk in “Marvel Avengers Alliance”? These particular 10 games are in the next wave of standouts, not only because of their sheer addictiveness, but also in the level of gameplay they provide. Some of them might even get you drawn in by the time you finish reading this article. Yep, that addictive….

AMC's The Walking Dead Game

Based on the hit AMC show of the same name (as well as the comic book), “The Walking Dead” is easily one of Facebook's latest big hits. And given the nature of its tone, it's not hard to see why. In the game, you'll fight against an array of undead folks while meeting up with new survivors, taking on missions to move further into the game, and even running across a famous character or two from the show. You can also team up with friends to defend your camp and go on Walker hunts, if the mood strikes you. The coolest feature, however, is that if you (or your friends) die in a game, you can return as the undead and strike back. Though the game is in open beta, it shouldn't be that difficult to get an invite to join in the fun.

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Candy Crush Saga

One of the most addictive "match three" games since the old days of “Bejeweled Blitz,” “Candy Crush Saga” has rapidly become one of Facebook’s hottest diversions. The game has you match up candy pieces as you meet particular goals on each stage, while keeping track of passing your friends' best scores. Some of the later stages get downright tricky, requiring you to remove blocks from pieces or do away with sticky taffy in a certain amount of moves. It goes a little nuts with the boosters (which cost about $1 each), but if you stick with it, you'll progressively get better and become the sweetest thing on Facebook.

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Originally introduced on game consoles and PCs well over a decade ago, “Worms,” produced by Team 17, is a humorous strategy game. The goal is to eliminate enemy worm teams before they wipe you out. A number of weapons are at your disposal, ranging from shotguns and rocket launchers to exploding sheep – yes, exploding sheep. With pure multiplayer appeal and the ability to create your own team and island from scratch, it's easily diggable entertainment.

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Madden NFL 13 Social

Let's say you love your console copy of “Madden NFL 13” religiously, but there are times you just can't be home to play it. That's where the Facebook Social app lends a hand. Featuring 3D gameplay and the ability to put together an elite team to crush your friends, this game offers an unprecedented sports experience you won't get enough of — even in the off-season. All your favorite teams and players are here, with continuous updates so fresh signings and trades are within your arsenal.

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Pockie Ninja II Social

If you're a fan of Japanese animation — or you just have a thing for ninjas — “Pockie Ninja II Social” is the app for you. This fully licensed Naruto app for Facebook features various super-deformed characters from the hit TV show, fighting it out in strategic action. With a number of fighters to choose from and weapons to use against your adversaries (including explosives, shurikens and spells), you'll have your ultimate ninja arsenal ready to go in no time flat. And there's a good learning curve as well, so it's simple to learn, yet hard to master. With more than a million would-be ninjas playing, there's no shortage of competition.

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Stormfall: Age of War

If you ever wanted to get into epic battles, but don't really feel like dropping $60 on a retail package, then ”Stormfall: Age of War” is for you. Lavishly designed by the team at Plarium, Stormfall gives you the chance to save the Lands of Darkshine, which has descended into darkness between the fall of your empire and the rise of various warlord rivals. With the power of strategy at your side, you're able to call upon allies, dragons, magic spells and other utilities, retaking your land one piece at a time. With various army types to choose from (including Paladins, Barbarians and Necromancers, among others) and hours' worth of gameplay, this is easily one of the most involving experiences you'll find on Facebook.

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Who doesn't like a good first-person shooter? Console favorites such as “Halo” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” are all the rage right now. Unfortunately, these titles aren't yet available on Facebook, but you can easily take up arms with the next best thing — “UberStrike.” This beautiful first-person shooter from Cmune features a number of multiplayer options, including guns, maps and armor, as well as the ability to log in with your friends for clan battles and tournaments. You can also make your own hero from scratch, be it a well-armed zombie or a full-blown post-nuclear scientist, inspired by the "Fallout" franchise. With more than 10 million players and rising, the competition is here in spades.

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Marvel Avengers Alliance

Who wouldn’t want to be Tony Stark? Millions of people read comics, so Marvel made the wise decision to bring a fully interactive battle universe to Facebook in the form of “Marvel Avengers Alliance.” The game features a cavalcade of familiar villains and heroes, ranging from the Hulk to Iron Man to The Punisher. Alliance lets you choose your heroes and create your own battle group, dominating opponents and becoming a powerhouse with new abilities. And with new characters being introduced nearly every month, the cast just keeps growing and growing.

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Angry Birds Friends

“Angry Birds” has been a huge success since debuting on mobile platforms a few years back, but “Angry Birds Friends” takes the furious feathered fun to a whole new level. With a number of stages to choose from, easy connectivity to fellow friends joining in and unlockable rewards galore (including golden eggs), this version of “Angry Birds” is also simple to play. You use your mouse to fire birds from the slingshot into their awaiting targets, while using multiple power-ups to your advantage. Don't be surprised if this one sucks up hours of your time.

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Talk about an application that lives up to its name. In “Insanity,” you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a terrifying mental hospital, engaging in underground fights with other players in the name of survival. You’re also supposed to earn whatever money you can scrounge up by assisting doctors and taking control of certain areas of the hospital. With a genuinely creepy atmosphere, nightmarish characters and showdowns that will leave you itching to survive, PlayFlock's terrifying creation isn't exactly for the meek of heart. That said, if you love horror movies, give it a go.

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