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How To: Set Up BlackBerry Messenger

It's easier than you think to start chatting with your BlackBerry friends.


by Joanna Stern on May 5, 2008

bbmessenger_intro_shOne of the perks of owning a BlackBerry is gaining access to its proprietary chatting program—BlackBerry Messenger (also known as BBM in some circles). BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messaging program that enables real-time communication from one BlackBerry user to another. In fact, two people with BlackBerrys can chat from anywhere in the world as long as they are connected with data service. Unlike SMS messages, BlackBerry Messenger doesn't have a per message charge; messages are sent through RIM servers—a process similar to e-mailing.

BlackBerry Messenger comes preloaded on most new devices. If your device doesn’t have the program preloaded, you can download it from To install BlackBerry Messenger, connect your device to your PC and install it using Application Loader in Desktop Manger.

The next step is setting up your contact list. You can add contacts in BlackBerry Messenger via two methods: sending a request through PIN (a unique 8-digit alphanumeric code assigned to every BlackBerry device) or requesting through e-mail. Follow the steps below to add contacts to your BlackBerry Messenger list and start instantly chatting.


Method 1: Requesting Using PIN

  1. Locate PIN 
  2. Add the PIN to the Address Book. 
  3. Request a Friend. 
  4. Start Chatting. 
  5. Send a Picture or File. 

Method 2: Requesting Using E-mail

  1. Add E-mail Address to the Address Book. 
  2. Request a Friend. 
  3. Start Chatting. 
  4. Send a Picture or File. 


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