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Put Your Eee PC 4G with Windows XP on a Diet

Free up tons of valuable disk space by deleting unnecessary programs and files.


by Joanna Stern on April 22, 2008

Eee PC 4G With Windows XPThe ASUS Eee PC 4G XP's 4GB solid state drive is quick, but it's even quicker to fill up with software and programs. Unlike the original Eee PC 701 running the lightweight Xandros Linux, the system's Microsoft XP operating system and all its added applications leave little room for programs of your own. In fact, the Eee PC 4G XP right out of the box only has 954MB of free disk space.

These days, 954MB is not a lot of space for programs or even for data. For example, Office 2007 can take up less space, but its installer won't even launch unless you have at least 1.5GB free.

To increase your storage space, you could buy an SD Card, leave it in the Eee PC's card reader at all times, and install applications on it, but then you'd never be able use the card reader to grab pictures from your camera.

Original Free Space

Fortunately, not all of the software that comes preinstalled on the Eee PC 4G XP  is required. Using the steps below, we were able to increase the free space on Eee PC's built-in SSD from 954MB to 1.85GB, enough to install Office and Photoshop. Depending on what you choose to keep and dump, your mileage will vary.


  1. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs
  2. Remove Extra Windows Components
  3. Limit Temporary Internet Files
  4. Compress Your Hard Drive



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